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Body Armour Guide

Purchasing Body Armour Guide

If you need a vest that is ballistic or stab/spike resistant, you need to take the following things into consideration before making any purchase:

 1) Determine the possible threats you may encounter. Will you only be facing ballistic threats? Is there a possibility that you could come into close contact with individuals and need stab/spike resistant protection? How high could the calibres or the weapons you may potentially be facing be? These are crucial elements that you need to know in order to be sure you purchase body armour that offers the right level of protection to suit your needs.

 2) Know what type of cover you need. Do you want to wear your body armour discreetly under your clothes (covert) or do you want to have the body armour over your clothing (overt)? You need to decide if there are any special criteria, you need or want from your body armour, such as number of pockets or the manner in which it fastens. You need to consider if you need the body armour to be hi visibility or waterproof as well.

 3) Men and women cannot wear the same vests. When ordering a vest, it is important to take your sex into account before making any order. There are vests that are specifically made for a womans body and a woman will need to specify that she needs a female vest when making an order.

Anyone between 5ft8” and 6ft will be considered within the standard length of measurement. If you are within this height range, you will be able to order a vest based off of your chest measurements. A size chart is available at the top of each page by clicking the ‘Choosing Sizes’ tab. A male that is less than 5ft8” tall will need to purchase a vest that is in the ‘short’ size range. Someone over 6ft tall will need to choose a vest that is in the ‘long’ size range. Wearing the right size vest is crucial for optimal protection.

When ordering a vest, it is important for you to be realistic. The higher levels of protection will be heavier and slightly more cumbersome than the lower levels of protection. If you are going to be wearing the body armour on a regular basis, you will want it to accommodate your needs and remain comfortable.

Each vest needs to reach the navel in order to ensure a proper fit. There are some people who are not properly informed about protective armour and assume that the gear must reach your waist. This is not the case at all. If the vest is too long it could make it difficult for you to do daily activities such as sitting, bending, or reaching for things.

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